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In memory of Rupert Weber

Rupert Weber

"A better future for all can only exist if we manage to improve the livelihood of everyone, even in the worlds’ most vulnerable regions."

- Rupert Weber (1964-2021)
Very rarely in life do we meet people who are committed in an extraordinary way to those who have been disadvantaged by fate. Rupert Weber was such a person. He had found his life's mission in standing up for others, in supporting people with all his strength whose lives were marked by poverty and hunger. Rupert wanted to open up perspectives and opportunities for them so that they could improve their lives and those of their families and be able to shape them independently. He wanted to do his part to ensure that the lives of the next generation would be improved and that the children of today would be spared the fate of poverty. Courageously and fearlessly, he continued the legacy of Karlheinz Böhm's life's work. He always saw the possibilities, never the obstacles, and was a shaper with great vision. He was deeply committed and hard-working member of the Foundation.
Like hardly anyone else, Rupert was able to inspire people and supporters for the projects of Menschen für Menschen. Everyone who visited a project with Rupert will remember this as an extraordinary enrichment. He was a bridge builder. Between Austria and Ethiopia and between different people. And he always put his heart and soul into his work.
This was also felt by the people in Ethiopia. They trusted him, shared their stories, and told him about their concerns and worries. Over the years, deep friendships have developed. Rupert was a welcome guest and Ethiopia has become his second home over the years.
Seeing the progress of the measures and the local situation with his own eyes was always a major concern for Rupert. He often and gladly traveled to Ethiopia. When he visited the then undeveloped project area of Ginde Beret in 2011, he explored the region on foot for several days in sweltering heat. This action caused disbelief among our Ethiopian friends, but he earned the respect of the local population and the entire local team forever. He himself showed the deepest appreciation for the team in Ethiopia. Each of his visits ended with a campfire where we ate, laughed and danced together.
Rupert always had a clear eye for the essentials. He questioned many things, and it was important to him to always act in the interest of the people, to further develop projects, to constantly improve our work. Many innovations were preceded by days of discussion with project staff or other decision-makers. He possessed great foresight, which impressed us time and again, and over the years it became apparent that he was usually right. His personal commitment was very high.
Rupert stood up for the poorest of the poor. Many things are owed to him. For example, that today there are microcredits for destitute women or that the water supply for an entire city has improved and, of course, the construction of the Gara Gatama stairs, which facilitate the ascent from the lowlands for thousands of people. He launched the first Social Return on Investment study and various evaluations to scientifically prove the effectiveness of our work. Much could be added to that. But Rupert was rather modest. He did not make a big issue of many of the significant changes for the people of Ethiopia that resulted from his work. He was simply happy about them and sometimes - to the astonishment of his companions - a farmer he met by chance at the market simply gave him a joyful hug.
Rupert Weber has worked very successfully for the organization Menschen für Menschen for over a decade (since 2009). Since 2014 as executive director, most recently as chairman of the board. His life journey has now come to an end after a serious illness. Much too early, not only for us who were able to work and shape things with him.
Now all we can say is thank you. Thank you, Rupert, for your energy, your humor, your stubbornness, your commitment, and your love for the people. You have moved a so much and you leave a rich legacy.
We would also like to thank you on behalf of the more than 400,000 people in our project areas Ginde Beret, Abune Ginde Beret, Jeldu and Chobi, who owe a better future to your tireless efforts. Your humanity and your actions will continue to be an inspiration and incentive for us in the future. In this sense we will continue together your work as “Menschen für Menschen” and your way of living humanity.

The team of Menschen für Menschen

"Helping one person may not change the world,
but it can change the world for that one person."

Condolence Book

Rupert Weber touched the lives of many people and will continue to accompany us in our thoughts. This online condolence book is intended to give all his friends, acquaintances, colleagues and companions the opportunity to express their thoughts, memories, and condolences.
Condolences may also be sent to or to our office address. We will forward these to the family.
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Lieber Rupert, all die sehr persönlichen und so mitreißenden Einträge auf dieser Seite sind so bezeichnend für dein Wirken. Alle von uns, die dich gut kennen lernen durften, wissen, dass du nie jemand warst, der sich gerne in den Mittelpunkt gestellt hat.
Du warst in erster Linie ein Brückenbauer und hast immer und unglaublich konsequent und weitblickend die gemeinsame Sache an vorderste Stelle gestellt.

Trotzdem glauben wir zu wissen, dass dich all die Anerkennung aus jenen beiden Weltregionen, in denen du so besonders gewirkt hast, sehr gerührt hätte. Du hast sie dir mehr als verdient! Unsere Gedanken sind besonders bei deiner Familie, auf die du immer unglaublich stolz warst.
Danke für die gemeinsame Zeit!
Du wirst fehlen.

Ruhe in Frieden
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Dein „MFM Team“

We, MfM-staff have been working with Rupert Weber since 2009. Since then, we have travelled a long journey to achieve MfM objectives. Certainly, MfM has been opening the door for community development whereas Rupert is the key to open the doors.

Realistically, Rupert, is a man indeed endowed with flexible and intellectual mind, frank and merciful nature, wise and optimistic thinking, gentle and confident humanities, humble and innocent hearts, philanthropist and generous ideas, polite and patient behaviors, lovely and pleasant mannerism, cooperative and considerate styles, friendly and welcoming faces, adorable and imaginative decision. Of course, he was from the humid soil of Austria and really we were proud of him being, having such like brilliant foreign citizen among us even if we missed him, he was a lovely person for his action speaks louder than our words even we lack words which exactly fits him.

We, Ethiopians, have missed such a great person and his future dreams are forfeited because he went back to nature. Rupert is a man who practically believe in change of theory. When he was making a formal speech to the community, he was saying “I love to come to Gindeberet because Gindeberet is my second home and I have two biological sons and my third son is Gindeberet”. He has materialized considerable parts of his dreams for the development of Ethiopians. As a result, the livelihood of thousands has been sustainably improved and a significant number of the community members could be able to feed their family all year round which will not be forgotten forever and remains in individuals’ hearts. More specifically, the community in these regions, have got better access to different social services (education, health, safe water supply) and most of the peasant associations have been networked. His great role in penetrating the vicious circle of poverty of the areas are historically recorded, literated and documented persistently. He is a person who lived for the others and his limitless satisfaction was when he was seeing the changes of the poor. Whenever, he went back to Austria, he was sending us colorful message and greetings which we missed now onwards. He was a colorful person with colorful ideas, manner and showing colorful development ways where he mirrored colorful rays to penetrate the shadow of famine. April 1, 2021 is the cloudy, foggy and black day for us when we heard the death of Rupert which was heartbreaking and painful. We would like to express our deepest condolences and to thank Rupert for his great contributions he did throughout his life.

We wish his families, friends and all workmates in Vienna and Ethiopia a strength and courage. RIP
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Berhanu Bedassa and all staff from Gindeberet, Abuna Gindeberet, and Chobi Project

Im Namen der AG Globale Verantwortung und unserer Mitgliedsorganisationen bedanke ich mich bei Dir, Rupert, für Dein unermüdliches Engagement für Menschen. Wir verlieren mit Dir einen empathischen Kollegen mit viel Herz. Unser Mitgefühl ist bei Deinen Angehörigen und all jenen, die Dir nahestanden". Annelies Vilim, Geschäftsführerin der AG Globale Verantwortung
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Annelies Vilim

Dank und Anerkennung einem langjährigen treuen Kunden und lieben Menschen

Jeder einzelne Auftrag mit Hr. Weber und seinem Team machten mir große Freude und stellten mich manchmal vor große Herausforderungen.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihm war immer sehr kompetent, angenehm und äußerst fair.
Jeder Besuch bei ihm im Büro war eine persönliche Bereicherung für mich.
Ich möchte seiner Familie und dem Team von Menschen für Menschen mein aufrichtiges Beileid aussprechen.

Peter Anderle
Dataform Media GesmbH
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Peter Anderle

Lieber Rupert, es hat mich sehr bestürzt zu erfahren, dass du von uns gegangen bist. In diesem Moment denke ich an die Jahre zurück, als wir an ähnlichen Projekten arbeitend uns in sehr offener, ja freundschaftlicher Weise gegenseitig unterstützt, ermuntert und auch manchmal kritisiert haben, getragen vom Wunsch, für "unseren Patientinnen und Patienten" in aller Welt jene Spenden zu gewinnen, die ihnen ein (Über)Leben in Würde ermöglichen. Ich danke dir für diese Zeit und werde dich als engagierten, kreativen und sehr beseelten Fundraiser in Erinnerung behalten. Deiner Familie mit herzliches Mitgefühl. In alter Freundschaft, Buco
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Andreas "Buco" Plöckinger

Lieber Rupert, ich bin sehr traurig zu hören, dass du uns vorausgegangen bist. Vielen Dank für unsere kollegialen und freundschaftlichen Gespräche, für unseren fachlichen Austausch und für unsere privaten Plaudereien. An deinen Humor und deine Ausgeglichenheit erinnere ich mich immer wieder gerne. Du wirst mir fehlen. Gute Reise!
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Wolfgang Martinek

Ich möchte der Familie und der Organisation hiermit mein aufrichtig empfundenes Beileid aussprechen. Ich teile die Trauer und bin in Gedanken bei Ihnen/Euch.
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Susanne Janitsch

Lieber Rupert,
ich wünschte, ich könnte Dir das direkt sagen und nicht auf diese Weise. Ich bin fassungslos und kann nur schwer begreifen, dass Du nicht mehr bist. Du bist doch der lebhafte Mann mit einem leicht verschmitzten Ausdruck, den ich vor vielen Jahren bei Licht für die Welt kennengelernt und immer wieder gerne getroffen habe. Der sich so engagiert hat, sich kein Blatt vor den Mund genommen hat und für andere da war. Noch vor kurzem habe ich mit einer gemeinsamen Freundin über dich gesprochen. Die Nachricht von Deinem Ableben macht mich sehr betroffen. Mein Mitgefühl für alle die um Dich trauern, besonders für Deine Familie. Mach es gut lieber Rupert. We shall meet again.
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Sabine Rehbichler