Wienerin – Zenebech the Pumpkin Queen

An Article about the Fundraising Organisation Menschen für Menschen by Geli Goldmann

Zenebech, 35, her husband Jonse and their five children live in the project area Abune Ginde Beret (180 km from Addis Ababa). After meeting Kidist Abere, Menschen für Menschen’s project officer for social services and development, who is responsible for the logistics and organisation of trainings, Zenebech took part in a cooking class. There she learned more about a balanced diet, vegetable gardening, irrigation, growing from seeds and preparing hitherto unknown vegetable varieties. She then planted her own vegetable garden and now produces enough to cover her family’s needs and gain an additional income from market sales.

Zenebech, who now also organises cooking classes for her neighbours in her own home, introduced the women of her neighbourhood to vegetable gardening. 50 year old Yadeshi gladly follows Zenebech’s example and today, she too, profits from two to three harvests a year, as opposed to one harvest in the past. Jonse, on the other hand, is well versed in apple tree planting and growing after he attended a training organised by Menschen für Menschen.


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Jänner 2015: Wienerin - Zenebech die Kürbisqueen


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