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Development Possibilities in a Remote Area – an Article about the Work of Menschen für Menschen by Konstanze Walther

In 2012 / 2013 Menschen für Menschen got to work in a particularly difficult and remote rural area of Ethiopia: Ginde Beret. There were no regular roads, making it almost impossible for the population to access places of trade, health facilities or educational establishments. Apart from creating 200 km of access roads, Menschen für Menschen also promotes reforestation and provides courses in agriculture to improve people’s knowledge in this sector and, ultimately, harvests in the region.

In Ginde Beret the organisation also focuses on the prevention of trachoma. For a period of five years, every inhabitant of the project area therefore receives antibiotics once a year. The objective is to have eradicated the eye infection at the end of this major campaign, which has already reached 90% of the entire population. Furthermore, Menschen für Menschen assists family planning and carries out deworming as well as immunisations. The latter is possible because Menschen für Menschen transports the vaccines and ensures the distribution of solar-powered fridges for uninterrupted cold chains.


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März 2015: Wiener Zeitung - Der Entwicklung den Weg ebnen


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