Work in the field

In Ethiopia for Ethiopia

Thank you for your interest in volunteer work in our project regions in Ethiopia. The willingness to get personally involved in this way is not a matter of course, and we want to thank you for your commitment.

Unfortunately we cannot implement this kind of work. Menschen für Menschen tries to fill each vacancy in the projects in Ethiopia with local employees. By doing this, we help many Ethiopian families to have a secure existence. It is very important to us to avoid creating new dependencies through our support from Europe. Instead we want to provide help for self-help. For this reason we want to build up know-how directly on site. After all, our Ethiopian employees understand the language and mentality of their compatriots better than even the most qualified European ever could.

We only deploy non-Ethiopian employees in those project sectors that require skills local employees cannot have or for which we do not find qualified staff on site. From currently 650 filled positions only 4 are non-Ethiopian.

But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot contribute to the success of our work. Please support us with your donation. Thank you!