Even if it is difficult – organising your succession is very important. This is the only way you can ensure family or dear friends are entitled as you would want them to.

Once you have well provided for your loved ones, you may be interested in doing even more than that. We can have a say in what remains of us in this world. For example, you can support women, men and children in Ethiopia together with Menschen für Menschen, and incorporate this belief in a fair-minded world in your will. But how does this work? When it comes to such a personal topic, it is important to receive good, confidential advice.


Personal and Confidential Conversation

A legacy is a very personal matter. Our chairman is pleased to be at your disposal for a confidential conversation and further information:


Rupert Weber


Email: r.weber@mfm.at

Telephone: +43 1 58 66 950 – 14

Consulting an independent notary public

Would you like a neutral first introduction or more detailed information? Notaries public and lawyers near you are available to help:

You can freely select the legal experts of your choice. Gain an overview on http://www.notar.at/notar/en/home/ or contact the Federal Chamber of Notaries Public. The first legal advice at a notary public is free of charge.