The Project Areas of Menschen für Menschen

“Help for self-help“ for five million people!

Today our project areas cover approx. 57,000 km² This corresponds to about two thirds of the total area of Austria. 10 of by now 21 integrated rural development projects have already been completed, and the responsibility for these projects in their entirety has been transferred to the population.


Our Austrian project areas

3 of currently 11 project areas are exclusively financed by donations from our supporters in Austria: Since 2011 and 2012 respectively, our project work in the neighbouring regions of Ginde Beret and Abune Ginde Beret (with a total population of about 260,000 people) is made possible thanks solely to Austrian donations, as well as our project work in Jeldu (with a total population of about 256.000 people), which is located southward and where we started our work in 2017.

The first Austrian project area Derra was completed in 2010 and handed over to the population. We could thereby achieve our declared objective and develop an entire region so its inhabitants are independent from foreign aid.

Find more information about our success in Derra here>>


Current project areas: challenges and achievements

After the completion of our work in Derra we have used the resources thus freed to provide many other people in new regions with an independent future. In 2011 we started to implement our bundled measures in Ginde Beret (a region about 4.5 hours’ drive from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa) together with local population.

Since 2011 131,000 people in Ginde Beret benefit from our work. Find detailed information about the challenges and achievements in Ginde Beret here >>

From the start the commitment of the population in Ginde Beret has been very high, which allowed us to include the neighbouring region of Abune Ginde Beret in 2012 already. Here the project work is covered by the team responsible for Ginde Beret.

Since 2012 126,000 people benefit from the work of our experienced colleagues in Abune Ginde Beret. Learn more about the challenges and achievements in Abune Ginde Beret here >>


With the RED CHAIRity initiative we have found a reliable partner whose unparalleled commitment secured funding of the first project stage in Abune Ginde Beret. We want to thank RED CHAIRity for their trust in our work and substantial support.

In the first project phase (2017-2019) about 52.000 people living in the region Seriti Catchment, which includes seven districts (Kebeles), benefit from our work in Jeldu. Learn more about the challenges and achievements in Jeldu >>

Because Jeldu is located southward to Abune Ginde Beret and Ginde Beret, the work of Menschen für Menschen is already well known. Within the first three years (2017-2019) we will implement projects in the field of agriculture, water and health.

During the first project stage (2017-2019) development measures are being implemented in the Seriti Catchment. The Seriti Catchment comprises seven districts (Kebeles) of the Jeldu region and is home to around 52,000 inhabitants, one fifth of the total population of Jeldu.

Follow us to Ethiopia

Find out where schools and wells were constructed, springs tapped and nurseries created:

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