A Secured Existence Away From Agriculture


Possibilities at home keep people from becoming refugees, and even give them the chance to contribute to the development of their region.

However, in economic terms Ethiopia’s rural regions are still quite underdeveloped. Most people live from farming. But the available farmland is no longer sufficient.

Apart from agriculture there are hardly any other ways to make a living in Ethiopia. This forces many people to leave their home.


Genet did not have to suffer this fate: thanks to a sewing course from Menschen für Menschen, the hardworking woman could open a small tailor shop, and in this way successfully provides for her family.

We help people set up an existence and thus make a secure income in their homeland possible.

This makes economic development for an entire region a reality.

With your donation you give people the chance to use their full potential!


23 Euro can already provide one woman like Genet with the training needed for a microcredit! 260 Euro enable someone like Genet to take part in a weaving course.


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