Only in-depth knowledge can make development happen


“My mum and I are in the same grade.projekte_bildung_ueberblick_RIC_8864 When my mum was my age she couldn’t attend school,”

says smart, nine-year-old Zemedkun. “Now we learn how to read, write and count together. When I grow up I would like to be a policeman, and my mum dreams of being a teacher.”

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Without schooling children cannot learn a trade. A cycle of poverty and dependence starts that only education can break.

Farmers, too, experience a lack of education as difficult. How can they sell their harvest on the market if they cannot count? Statistics show the seriousness of the situation: Only 39% of adults in Ethiopia can read or write (source: CIA Factbook)

But if we give people access to education and the chance of an independent life they can actively contribute to the development of their country.

This way Ethiopia will one day become independent of foreign assistance.

Your donation is an investment that will yield multiple successes.

Young girl at school

50 Euro provide access for the entire duration of primary education for one child.


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