Advancement of Women

Not a luxury but an important contribution to economic development


“Only if we improve the social status of women Ethiopia will be able to overcome poverty permanently,” Karlheinz Böhm declares.

Women are most affected by Ethiopia’s poverty. When they haul wood bundles or heavy water jars for kilometres they quite literally carry the burden of poverty. Such time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks, as well as traditional ways of thinking, prevent them from access to schooling and vocational training.

A widowed or divorced woman has little chance of supporting herself and her children. And even as a married woman the family can only benefit from additional earnings.

Many families cannot support themselves from only the yield of crops. But if a woman gets the chance to earn an additional income from her own business activities, everyone involved benefits.

Your support of one woman assists an entire family in Ethiopia!


25 Euro provide training for one woman preparing her for a micro-credit; 220 Euro pay for a micro-credit to set up a business including training!