Clear Water for Hana and Kebede

Not long ago: Hana and Kebede scoop their water from this unprotected water point in Ginde Beret.

Together with the local population we build a well in Kiro How.

The men in the village dug a 12 m deep hole with their own hands. The well rings are already at hand.


With joint efforts the first ring is eased over the hole…


…and slowly and carefully lowered with the ropes.


The well builder himself climbs into the hole, checks everything and releases the ring from the ropes. The entire well is lined with rings in this way.


A fence prevents pollution by animals.


Stones filter the water until it emerges from the pump clear and clean. For Hana, Kebede and all the villagers of Kero How this means clean drinking water at last! Life has radically changed for the better. A lasting success!