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Near the town of Lemmi a new stairway overcomes rock walls and makes development possibilities accessible to 15,000 people.

The path from the villages to the 300 metres higher-lying town of Lemmi used to lead along a dangerous climbing track. In some cases people climbed the steepest steps using long ladders.


“Every year people fell,“ farmer Kafale Wondemlemma, 46, reports. “Many could only be salvaged dead.“ Fortunately there will be no further accidents along this steep slope.


Menschen für Menschen provided cement and tasked bricklayers with the construction of a secure stairway up the rock wall.


The professional works take months. Menschen für Menschen places great importance on their flawless execution: The construction is meant to last for decades.


Farmer Kafale broke stones with a heavy hammer to obtain building material for the retaining walls: “It is worth the effort. In the future our children are going to have a save way to school.”


For the duration of the construction period around 40 farmers (both men and women) are at the site each day: The population’s voluntary work is a prerequisite for every Menschen für Menschen project.


In the future 15,000 people from the villages in the valley will use this path. From now on sick people can easily be carried up the stairs on stretchers to reach the health centre.


Agriculture also benefits from the new stairway: Up to now cattle had to be herded to the market in town via a detour – a five hour walk.


Farmer Kafale takes wood to the market: “Luckily my wife and children don’t need to be afraid anymore that I will fall and never return to them.”