Closing Gaps

Erosion gullies destroy farmland. Together with farmers we fight to preserve their existence.

In many places in Ethiopia torrential rains carry down topsoil. The floods turn fields into deep erosion gullies.


The gullies create branches and eat further into the landscape each time it rains. Houses are at risk; fertile fields are turned into warren land.


It is only through the assistance of Menschen für Menschen that farming families have the opportunity to fight against the destruction of their existence.


Together with local inhabitants Menschen für Menschen employees build retaining walls out of stone filled wire baskets, known as gabion, in the erosion gullies.


These walls stop the water. Washed away soil is deposited at the walls and so fills the gully. It is planted with trees.


Tree roots also stop erosion. In 2013 we assisted affected Ethiopians to plant about 100,000 seedlings from Menschen für Menschen nurseries at a 2.6 kilometre long gully near Berewsar village.


In the village of Serekeolo, Teguada Enderijs helps to fill the wire baskets in a gully with stones: “Finally we don’t have to watch the water destroy our fields anymore.”


Work at the gullies is part of the aim to secure efficient agriculture and protect the environment simultaneously – and with that people’s existence. Please support our efforts.