Education Ensures a Better Future

Fanta Denje and her son attend school together

“My mum and I are in the same grade,“ says smart nine-year-old Zemedkun. “When mum was my age she couldn’t go to school. I’m very fortunate. I learn how to read, write and count. It’s very important. That is why my mum goes to school with me now. We help each other with our homework. My favourite subject is English, my mum likes Amharic.“ (Note: Amharic is one of Ethiopia’s national languages.)

Here mother and son proudly stand in front of the new Tegora Higher Primary School.


“When I grow up I want to be a policeman,” says Zemedkun, “and my mum dreams of being a teacher. For this we gladly accept the walk to school each day.”


At home Fanta Dejene, together with her son, studies hard to read, write and count. It is difficult for her – but together it is fun and her son is very proud of being able to help his mother. When they sell fruits and vegetables at the market she needs to calculate. Because of that she is glad to finally have the opportunity to catch up on what she missed.


This is not an individual case. Many children in Ethiopia still have no access to education. Without it they will remain illiterate and cannot take on a profession. The children in Tegora enjoy the new school all the more.

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Thanks to his schooling Zemedkun has a good start into the future and the chance of a better life without poverty.