Bring on the WATER!

Ten-year-old Sena pushes down the hand pump of the new well in the village of Dagamu with wonderful excitement. The water canister she brought along is quickly filled – with clear, clean drinking water. In the past this would have taken her one hour.

Like most girls in Ethiopia, ten-year-old  Sena Labata from the village of Dagamu has to fetch water every day. For the women and girls this means walking an average of 6 kilometres with a canister weighing 20 kg on their backs – twice a day. A well has changed Sena’s life considerably. Until very recently she had to draw water from a dirty mud hole. It was the only source of water within a radius of many kilometres.



Cows and other animals also drank from the mud hole, further contaminating the water with their faeces. Contaminated water is the main source of life-threatening diseases among babies and infants. Diseases such as amoebic dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid or cholera originate here. Diseases such as the eye infection trachoma are also on the rise when there is a lack of clean water. In addition to all of this, water points are often breeding grounds for leeches that harm drinking animals above all.




It takes Sena more than one hour to fill the 20 litre canister she had brought along. The water tastes bad and stale.




Today the spring is tapped and there is a well with fresh, clear water. This has improved things for everyone. “I’m less ill now, and suffer from worms less often. I also have more time for school,” says Sena. She knows about the link between dirty water and various diseases from school.




The situation in Dagamu is reperesentative for many villages in Ethiopia. Only half of the population has access to clean drinking water, in our project regions it was even less at the start of our work. People have neither the skills nor the means to properly build a spring or well. Clean water is essential for everyone. Under the guidance of a well-building master, the population is actively involved in the construction and thereby makes an important contribution to the development of their region.
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In Ethiopia there are still a lot of water points just like the old one in Dagamu. Please help and give girls like Sena a healthier, better future. 10 Euro already provide long-term access to clean water for one person, 70 Euro for an entire family. Please help with your donation.