Team Ethiopia

The project coordination office and logistics centre in Addis Ababa

From here all project areas of Menschen für Menschen are managed and controlled. This is the workstation of 60 employees as well as the logistic reloading point for all materials needed in the project regions. The office and logistics centre is vital to our work in Ethiopia. The employees are in constant contact with the organisations in Austria and Germany. For this reason the office in Addis Ababa is the link between donations in Europe and the approved purpose of these funds at the individual families in our project areas.

team_aethiopien_negussie_berhanu_17702 Berhanu Negussie
Country Representative

team-aethiopien-17347_345_RKW7506 - Kopie Benjamin Freiberg
Deputy Country Representative / Head of Administration

team-aethiopien-yilma-taye-IMG_1547 Yilma Taye
Programme Director

team-aethiopien-asnake-worku-IMG_0719Dr. Asnake Worku
Director of Program Coordination & Development

team-aethiopien-Bahritu-Seyoum-IMG_0626 Bahritu Seyoum
Plan & Programme Coordinator

team-aethiopien-IMG_0557 Melaku Taye
Head of Logistics

Management of the Austrian projects Abune Ginde Beret, Ginde Beret and Jeldu

Our employees make genuine development at eye level possible – no anonymous handouts. They meet each of the people they help personally. In the Austrian project areas Abune Ginde Beret, Ginde Beret and Jeldu work a total of 100 employees of Menschen für Menschen. Our development agents work and live in the villages of the region. As a consequence they know exactly what challenges the population faces, and provide advice and assistance during the implementation phase.

Gebeyuh Seyoum
Project Manager Jeldu

Tadesse Muleta
Project Administrator

Abayneh Aleme
Head of Sustainable Land Management

Girma Woldemichael
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Exemplary commitment – some employees talk about their everyday life

In Ethiopia Menschen für Menschen employs a total of 668 people, 4 of whom do not come from Ethiopia. On the one hand, it is, and always has been, our goal to support the people of Ethiopia and provide skills that help them further development. On the other hand, a European – no matter how well informed – will never understand the Ethiopian people the way an Ethiopian does. Our focus is direct work with the people, which is why it is important that mutual trust and understanding prevail. The majority of our Ethiopian colleagues work in the project regions, and implement our measures directly with the population. We would like to introduce some of our many dedicated employees to you. They talk about their everyday life and work:

Chefbuchhalter Haile Marie im Interview Hailu Marie Chief Accountant in the project area Borena