Expenses for our Projects

To Ensure Your Donation gets to Where it is Needed


Financial requirements, reserves and breakdown of expenses

In our annual financial statement the utilization of the funds entrusted to us and the financial requirements of our planed project work in Ethiopia are unfolded.

In order to be able to develop entire regions with our project work over a number of years, 3 to 5-year plans are drafted that specify the envisaged measures and for the implementation of which we are contractually responsible. For this reason, it would be irresponsible to start work in a new project area without having covered at least part of the funding. Therefore, the Austrian association as well as the German foundation Menschen für Menschen have reserves as necessary security for the continuation of already fixed development projects. But since these reserves would by far not be enough to cover all financial requirements, we depend on the regular support of our donors.


Internal Monitoring

Detailed and effective monitoring is possible because Menschen für Menschen implements all projects with our own employees. All expenses are checked in several stages and approved prior to implementation. Apart from project managers the project coordinator and country representative in the project regions check the use of funds time and again. Furthermore, controlling staff regularly visit the project areas. They audit the cash management, and check stock and fuel consumption. They also assess progress on the building sites. The department heads report to the project managers who provide quarterly reports to the country representative and the Ethiopian authorities.  The latter regularly check that the information given in the reports corresponds to the work implemented in the project regions.