The Austrian Donation Certificate

Menschen für Menschen has been carrying the certificate without interruption since it was first awarded


The Austrian Donation Certificate

Spenden Guetesiegel

The Austrian Donation Certificate from the Chamber of Public Accountants exists since 14 November 2001. The Donation Certificate is a system of fully and strictly applied standards for non-profit fundraising organisations in the sectors relating to the raising and administration of donations.

Menschen für Menschen was one of the first organisations to be awarded the Donation Certificate and has been carrying it without interruption since it was first awarded on 14 November 2001.


Which areas are examined by the Donation Certificate (according to

  1. Regularity of accountacy;
  2. Internal control system in the respective stage of development, also the separation of management tasks and monitoring tasks;
  3. Statutory and proper use of donations, according to promotional activities;
  4. Compliance with the principles economy and efficiency for the campaign aim in the donation sector;
  5. The organisation’s financial policy for the use of donations;
  6. The organisation’s human resource management;
  7. Fair advertising and regulation of responsibility for it; that means principles for taking on the responsibility for correct and ethical fundraising.


Further information about the standards and Donation Certificate are available here:


10th Anniversay Tribute

The Chamber of Public Accountants awarded Menschen für Menschen on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Donation Certificate. Menschen für Menschen is one of the organisations that has fulfilled all criteria from the start, and has therefore been carrying the certificate since it was first introduced.

Urkunde Spendengütesiegel Menschen für Menschen