Costs for Administration and Publicity Work

The Basics of Project Work

Professional development cooperation requires good organisation. But this is not possible without a minimum of administration effort.

Our work in Ethiopia is financed almost entirely by donations. But this is not possible without publicity work and communication with our donors in form of letters, for instance. Even if these are not always free of charge, every Euro we spent generates a multiple of donations we would not have received otherwise. And these, in turn, make our project work in Ethiopia possible.


Application of Funds – a Breakdown of our Expenditures

The donations entrusted to us are used for the following:

  • Our project work in Ethiopia
  • Educational activities to fulfil the purpose of our association
  • Publicity work, fundraising and donor information
  • Administration and donor liaison

Our aim is to use no more than 20% of donations each year for publicity work and administration. Over the past years this could always be achieved with only a few exceptions.


Guideline for our Publicity Work

In general, Menschen für Menschen does not pay for newspaper advertisement or tv and radio publicity. We guarantee that fundraising is truthful and correct, the regulations of the data protection law are observed, and donations are used as designated.


Keeping Costs Low – Partners that make a difference

In many ways Menschen für Menschen is reliant on help and support from companies, so as to be able to use donations efficiently and sparingly. We are very grateful to our partners’ investment of time, products and financial means to support our work.

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Employees of Menschen für Menschen

employees work in our Vienna office. Apart from the important task of donation management, they plan and coordinate the information and publicity work. In addition, volunteers support the activities of Menschen für Menschen. This is the only way in which very little administrative and publicity effort can lead to a maximum of help for the people in Ethiopia.

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In Ethiopia 650 employees are at work; among them only 4 non-Ethiopians. Menschen für Menschen tries to fill each vacancy in the projects in Ethiopia with local employees. We thus help Ethiopian families build a secure existence. It is very important to us not to create new dependencies with our support from Europe but provide help for self-help. For this reason, we provide knowledge building directly on site.

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