For us every donation is a task we take seriously.

Continuous improvement and critical analysis of our own processes are important to us. Only consistent learning turned the first steps Karlheinz Böhm took more than 30 years ago into a successful organisation that provides help for self-help to millions of people. With this in mind we would  like to provide information about various aspects of our work as transparently as possible.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone +43 1 58 66 950-16. We appreciate your feedback.


Internal and external audits

All Menschen für Menschen projects in Ethiopia are solely implemented with our own employees and structures. In the course of this internal and external audits come as standard for us. That way, we can guarantee: your donation will arrive where it is needed the most.

Furthermore, the impact and efficiency of our work is regularly evaluated in order to optimally adjust measures to the needs of those supported. Moreover, our organisation and our process operations, the flow of donations, and use of funds undergo detailed annual reviews by independent auditors. In addition to that, independent journalists visit our projects regularly, and witness the success of our projects with their own eyes to report about it afterwards.


Truthful Fundraising

Menschen für Menschen guarantees that fundraising is truthful and true-to-fact, the provisions of the data protection law are adhered to, and donations are used as designated.


The flow of donations – Follow their journey

Follow your donation’s journey here. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via email or phone +43 1 58 66 950-16.


  How are project regions selected?

transparenz-Symbole-Bedarfserhebung-Antragsteller The population approaches Menschen für Menschen in Ethiopia and asks for support. This always happens in writing, sometimes supported by a personal request (for example by the council of elders).
transparenz-Symbole-Bedarfserhebung-ErhebungMfM Together with local authorities and government agencies, the employees of Menschen für Menschen in Ethiopia determine the needs of the region. They visit the region and discuss their cooperation with the population. Thereby clarifying the potential and development possibilities of the project region beforehand.
transparenz-Symbole-Bedarfserhebung-Projektplan Following this, project plans and catalogues of measures are compiled. These also include detailed planning of the budget needed.

  Controlled by

> board and general assembly

The project is approved by the Menschen für Menschen association in Austria.

transparenz-Symbole-Bedarfserhebung-Information-Spender We inform you about the needs of the people in the project region.

  Your donation’s journey

transparenz-Symbole-Spendenfluss-Spende Your donation for our work in the project regions arrives at Menschen für Menschen in Austria.
transparenz-Symbole-Spendenfluss-Kontrolle Spenden GuetesiegelYour donation is properly accounted for immediately, and you receive a confirmation for your donation.

  Controlled by

> auditor and Austrian Donation Certificate

transparenz-Symbole-Spendenfluss-Aethiopien-Mitteleinsatz In keeping with the project and budget plans, the coordination office in Addis Ababa requests money from the association in Austria. Following this, the money is transferred to the Austrian account in Ethiopia. Funds are properly accounted for in Ethiopia.

  Controlled by

> Internal and independent, external auditors in Ethiopia
> original invoices are sent to Austria; they are checked again and accounted for

transparenz-Symbole-ProjektthemenThe funds are used according to project and budget plans to implement the catalogue of measures defined in advance in the project region. Amongst others, your donation is used for the following: construction of schools, access roads and wells, implementation of agricultural courses and micro credit schemes, equipment of health centres etc.

  How are projects evaluated?

transparenz-Symbole-Evaluierung-Protokoll-Massnahmen The implementation of measures is documented. In addition, an evaluation of measures and their effect for the people in the region takes place.

  Controlled by

> Evaluation of our measures and their effect for the population
> Internal & external auditors
> Report to Menschen für Menschen in Austria and Ethiopia
> Regular inspection of the projects by the Austrian management and independent journalists

transparenz-Symbole-Evaluierung-Fortschrittsbericht-Spender You receive information about the progress of projects and exemplary success reports from the project area from us and independent media articles.


Would you like more exact information?

We have compiled a detailed graphic of the individual steps – from the needs assessment to the flow of donations up to the implementation and evaluation – for you. This provides information about what happens at each individual step, what needs clarification and who is responsible for it.

Download the detailed description here:

Your donation’s journey
(Please note that this information is only available in German)